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  • Expert for Digitization, E-Commerce, Social Media, Generation Y & Z and New Education

  • Focus on trends from Silicon Valley 🇺🇸 and China 🇨🇳, and what it means for Germany 🇩🇪

  • Tech and business influencer on LinkedIn with millions of views [here]

  • 360° perspective through experiences as start-up founder, professor and work in the venture capital scene

  • Keynote Speaker in New York, Milan, Stockholm, Berlin

  • Speaker at Accenture, Walt Disney, Coca-Cola, Vodafone


Hi 👋 and welcome to my homepage!

My name is Dr. Tu-Lam Pham and I am an expert for digital business models, e-commerce and social media. I am interested in global digital trends from Silicon Valley 🇺🇸 and China 🇨🇳 because especially in Europe we can learn a lot from these two innovation hubs.

I was a speaker at major marketing conferences and corporate events in New York, Milan, Berlin, Munich, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Switzerland.

I was a speaker at companies like Google, Accenture, Walt Disney, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, ProSiebenSat.1 and E.ON.

As a keynote speaker, I am taking the audience on a journey through the whole digital landscape, from San Francisco to Peking. I am speaking about tech giants like Google and Amazon, but also about exciting start-ups that are going to change the world. I am speaking about the world of e-sports and influencers, and what established brands can learn from them. I am analyzing all kinds of case studies - from start-up failures to spectacular success stories. And I am talking about the chances and risks of digitization and artificial intelligence, and what effects it has on our society and Germany

As a digital consultant, start-up founder, start-up mentor and professor in the corporate and venture capital scene, I have analyzed and accompanied a lot of digital business models. I am traveling regularly to Silicon Valley and China to experience the trends myself and not just read all about it on newspapers.  As a blogger and podcaster, I am covering the most important digital trends every week. My videos on LinkedIn get millions of views.

My keynotes should fulfill three objectives: Inspiration, Information and Entertainment! Digital trends are my passion, not my job! 

My keynote topics:

Digitization, disruption, Education, artificial intelligence, Generation Y & Z

  • Generation Y&Z: How they tick, live and work, and why every company needs to understand them

  • The future of work & education: how we are going to work and learn in the future

  • Why my kids will never go to college: a plea for new education in the digital world

  • Artificial intelligence: chances, risk and the importance for our society

  • Digital disruption: why everyone of us has to reinvent themselves (and why it is so difficult for us)

  • Google , Amazon, Facebook & Apple: friend or enemy? What we ca learn from them and where we have to be careful

Germany, Silicon Valley and China

  • Is China the new Silicon Valley? How did China become a digital giant? And what Germany has to learn from China now!

  • Germany in Winter sleep, if we don‘t wake up now, then it is too late

  • Silicon Valley and China are ruling the world! What is Germany doing?

Specific topics:

  • Amazon is eating the world! What consumers expect nowadays and what brands and retailers have to do in order to survive 

  • Fashion & Luxery: what we need to learn from China, Influencers and Gen Z

  • Is classical media going to be extinct? What they have to learn from Netflix and influencer in order to not end up like dinosaurs

  • Social Media and online Marketing Trends:  what comes after Facebook and Google?

  • InstaHealthy ?! Digital Pharma and Health Trends from Silicon Valley and China

  • Mobility 4.0: are you still driving cars or are you already moving? Why micromobility, Uber and self-driving cars will change the world

  • Fintech: how Apple, China and mobile apps change the finance sector 

  • Food 4.0: how we discover, buy and consume food and groceries in the digital world 

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LinkedIn Influencer

I’m posting regularly on LinkedIn about the latest tech and business trends with a worldwide community of CEOs, managers, founders and investors. My videos on LinkedIn got million of views.

 "Tu-Lam Pham gave a great presentation about what brands need to do to survive in the digital world." 

at the "Digital CEO Roundtable" in Milan


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Dr. Tu-Lam Pham